Wine And Cheese Affaire

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Taster Platter

Start your journey into Charcuterie! This is the perfect starting point for an entry into the world of gourmet platters. Overload your senses with the finest European cheese, homemade cold cuts, delicious dips and jams plus our own selection of accompaniments, each individually crafted with love and care

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Premium Platter

Indulge yourself with our signature offering - a decadent platter overloaded with delicious cheese, homemade cold cuts, sumptuous dips and jams, as well as an assortment of heavenly accompaniments. Use the menu to create your own premium platter - a sure fire way to impress your guests and delight

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Luxury Platter

So you have chosen..... An absolutely incredible and luxurious gourmet food experience! This is our luxury platter, where you can include even more of your favourite homemade cold cuts, sumptuous dips and jams, the finest European Cheeses and get to experience the full variety of our signature accompaniments.


Letter/Number Shaped Platter

Surprise your loved ones with a custom-shaped platter, perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion! Our letter or numeral platters are filled with premium ingredients like homemade cold cuts, delectable dips and jams, exquisite European cheeses, and an array of our signature accompaniments, ensuring a memorable experience for all.


Love Platter

Celebrate Valentine's Day by expressing your love with our Charcuterie-style Love Platter! This exquisite arrangement features premium wine, a selection of exotic cheeses such as Danish Brie, Dutch Smoked Cheese, or English Cheddar, imported fruits, three unique dips and jams, fresh exotic pickles, crackers, chocolates, and a lovely posy bouquet to set the stage for the perfect proposal.


Dessert Platter

Indulge your sweet cravings with our exquisitely crafted dessert platter, offering a tempting array of decadent treats. Enjoy our special dessert jars, assorted tea cakes, milk and dark chocolates, classic brownies, mixed muffins, marshmallows, premium nuts, apricots, exotic fruits, caramel and chocolate sauces, and waffles. Each order includes a premium wooden platter for an added touch of elegance.


Burger Slider Platter

Attention all burger enthusiasts! Satisfy your cravings with our mouthwatering mini-burger sliders, packed with nutritious ingredients and unbeatable flavor. Enjoy our exotic veggie patty options in charcoal black and steam white mini burgers, served alongside spiced fries, ketchup, mustard, peri-peri dip, and premium homemade dips. Plus, every order includes a complimentary premium wooden board for added presentation flair!


Weekend Brunch Grilled platter

Poached grilled chicken or cottage steak/ herb double cooked potatoes, grilled veggies, marinated artichokes, sausages ( veg/ non veg ) marinara and pesto sauce


Spanish Cold Meat Platter

Explore the finest Spanish meats and cuts, including Spanish pork pepperoni, pork ham, chicken ham, and smoked chicken, complemented by traditional chicken salami. Accompanied by imported grapes, dragon fruits or cherries, wild berry jam, homemade pickles, pistachios, and cashews, all served with Spanish whole grain bread for an authentic experience.


Mini Veg Cheese Charcuterie platter


Mini Non-Veg Cheese Charcuterie platter

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Mexican Platter

Get your fill of authentic Mexican flavours in our all in one Mexican Platter. Crunchy tacos, cheesy burritos, tomato salsa, corn salsa, marinaded olives, tzatziki, black beans, chipotle dips, nachos, jalapenos and iceberg salad. Premium wooden platter with every order! Please try and order at least 1 day in advance.

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Lebanese Platter

Savor fresh and authentic Mediterranean flavors with our fan-favourite Lebanese platter! Fresh falafel, grilled pita bread, iceberg salad, paneer salami alongside a generous helping of our homemade Basil & Walnut Pesto, Beetroot & Garlic Hummus and a side helping of crispy french fries.

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Breakfast Platter

Start your day off with the perfect platter-in-bed - our sumptuous and refreshing breakfast platter! Waffles, red & green grapes, fruits (blueberries, blackberries, strawberries or kiwis), boiled eggs, sausages, grilled bacon or chicken ham, jams, finger sandwiches. All orders come with a premium wooden board!